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Transformation Stories

We need traffic now!

DC-Distributing was a well established business when Dwayne Shultz asked Don Bishop for help.

Dwayne and his wife Peggy owned the business and they were doing fine. They knew their products inside out. They had suppliers, inventory, and shipping down pat.

What they wanted was more customers.

They kept hearing about how important social media was. They were just not sure how to move forward. Plus, they wanted leads now!

After an initial discussion about the kind of customers they wanted, the challenge was to find them on the internet About 7 very different types of customers were identified along with their unique interests.

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Losing your company data is scary.

Ralph E Jones Inc had survived in business for roughly 90 years when it happened. All of the data on their server was encrypted by CryptoLocker exploit. It scared them to death.

They feared losing everything stored on their internal server. Luckily that unpleasant outcome was avoided. The data was all restored but the company owner was determined to make sure nothing like that ever happened again.

Using technology was a huge benefit… but it required security too. Email was the most likely source of immediate vulnerability. If someone could hijack an email account they could get at lots of other resources too. Beyond that, a weak network infrastructure and weak backup system compounded the problem.

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From first draft to national distribution. A book, a website and social media

Molly Henderson had a story to tell. She ran for county commissioner in 2 elections. She served four tumultuous years as a County Commissioner Her name was mentioned in over 1,600 newspaper articles. There were lawsuits, depositions, transcripts, winners and losers Molly had a story to tell. Her story. She knew it needed to be a book. She was determined that her story be supported by facts. She came to Affinigent with a manuscript, hoping to turn it into a real book.

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