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We need traffic now!

DC-Distributing was a well established business when Dwayne Shultz asked Don Bishop for help.

Dwayne and his wife Peggy owned the business and they were doing fine. They knew their products inside out. They had suppliers, inventory, and shipping down pat.

What they wanted was more customers.

They kept hearing about how important social media was. They were just not sure how to move forward. Plus, they wanted leads now!

After an initial discussion about the kind of customers they wanted, the challenge was to find them on the internet About 7 very different types of customers were identified along with their unique interests.

Affinigent built an initial Facebook ad campaign, tested and refined it for a few weeks. Dwayne watched most of this via a web meeting and soon got the hang of it.

That is what a transformation like this is all about. It is not just getting the lead generation system setup and working. It also includes training the client to do it on his own.

This transformation started with a need for new customers. It ended up with a new internal capability to manage not just one Facebook campaign but multiple campaigns in Facebook, Google ads and Bing Ads. Transformation complete.

Our Transformation Are Completely Unique to You

Let’s discuss your vision of what the ‘next level’ for you business might look like. Our transformations will get you there to realize your vision. It all starts with a simple conversation about where your are now and where you want to be.