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Losing your company data is scary.

Ralph E Jones Inc had survived in business for roughly 90 years when it happened. All of the data on their server was encrypted by CryptoLocker exploit. It scared them to death.

They feared losing everything stored on their internal server. Luckily that unpleasant outcome was avoided. The data was all restored but the company owner was determined to make sure nothing like that ever happened again.

Using technology was a huge benefit… but it required security too. Email was the most likely source of immediate vulnerability. If someone could hijack an email account they could get at lots of other resources too. Beyond that, a weak network infrastructure and weak backup system compounded the problem.

Affinigent recommended a move to the cloud for both email and data. Google Suite provided the platform. Email security was enhanced by 2 factor authentication. Google drive provided unlimited storage space, backup and platform security.

The transformation was complete with the old server relegated to redundant backup storage and the whole team trained on using the new system.

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