What does business transformation look like? [Interview with Adam Lawrence]

Our March Business Heroes drill-down topic was Transformation. I recently had the privilege to meet and interview Adam Lawrence about business transformation. Adam has years of experience transforming business and factory processes through his business, Process Improvement Partners, LLC. I figured he could offer some great insights and tips on what transformation looks like for him and how some of those concepts can translate to a small business setting as well.
Watch the full interview here: https://vimeo.com/327292311
How do you decide if transformation is worth pursuing? : https://vimeo.com/327306726
What is chartering? : https://vimeo.com/328184645
How do you assemble a team for transformation? : https://vimeo.com/327293828
Is it better to make one big transformation or a series of small transformations over time? : https://vimeo.com/327307142
Any last insights to make transformation a success? : https://vimeo.com/327307721

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