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Multiple income streams saved my company…more than once!

It was a ‘happy accident’ when we started. It became a valuable business strategy before long. Here is how.  We had just started our web development business. We soon fell into our first extra income stream.

Our initial business model was to find a client who needed a website.  Give them a proposal to build it.  Then build it, get paid and move right on to the next client who needed a website.

It was soon obvious that these clients needed to have the website hosted.  Often then needed a domain name and sometimes email too. So we added those in as recurring billing items.

Those extra revenue streams did not look like much at the start.  Later in the ‘Great Recession’ of 2008 they had grown into a value stream that looked much, much better.

Benefits to our business:

  • Ongoing revenue streams with minimal effort
  • Customers were not ‘once and done’
  • We became more valuable to our customers

Our beginnings were simple. One income stream. Now we have a whole series of strategies for diverse income streams.  And we share that advice.