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Transforming Business Heroes to live and online

Business Heroes is changing. I like to call it a Transformation.
Here is the story.
Last month on February 20th was our Business Heroes event. It started snowing at 9 AM. Our Business Heroes live event was at 3:30 PM. Every weather forecaster said the storm was going to get more dangerous late in the afternoon. Not a great time to have people come to our event in York PA.
Lemons into lemonade, I decided to do the meeting online.
It worked.
Many of our regulars came online, Dwayne, Kennon, Kent and a bunch more. Great news though, we had a whole group of new folks take part for the first time like Scott, David and couple more.
I have had lots of requests for Business Heroes online. I have always worried about trying to do an online event and a live event all in one. I do not want the live experience to suffer. I also do not want the online experience to be lame. The February experience gave me an idea. I started to work on an innovative approach to achieving both goals.
Here is the basic idea. We will have live events like we have always had. There will be some training, some networking, discussions, worksheets, snacks and drinks. During the live event, there will be a training session that will be shot out to the web via GoToWebinar.
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