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Technology Levels the Playing Field for Small Business

As I write this it is November 28, 2015 – sometimes known as Small Business Saturday.  The notion that small business is important to our economy and worthy of recognition has become commonplace in popular culture.  Big Technology for Small Business exists to help people on the front lines of small business take advantage of the amazing technologies available to them.  If you want to stay in touch with what we are doing, please Click to Subscribe Now.

Small business has a huge economic advantage of being very close to customers, ‘close to the action’ if you will.  These commercial front lines are where tastes change, economics change and successful businesses change quickly too.  Changes in the business climate are the ‘new normal’ and rapid changes to the technology available to small business are now normal too.

The exciting part of this is that technology can now empower small business in ways never before possible!

Food trucks can easily take mobile payments, build marketing lists automatically and tweet out new locations ‘on the fly’.

A brick and mortar weight loss center can set initial consultations online and use text message reminders to make sure prospects remember to come and have directions handy on their mobile devices.

A specialty wholesaler with under 10 employees can use live chat to provide a great customer experience and look like marketing powerhouse online by using remarketing techniques to get online ads in front of likely prospects.

In my web development business, we rarely travel to visit clients, whether 20 miles away or 2,000 miles away, because we can interact just as effectively via web meeting technology.

Here is the point. Technology can make your life much, much easier. I call it ‘Working Smarter, Not Harder’. But technology has a dark side too. It can make your life miserable if you choose the wrong technology or have it implemented improperly. Doing technology right requires knowing your strategy, getting the right information and ruthless implementation in your business. Our goal is for this website to be your resource for the information and support you need.

Big Technology for Small Business aims to assist individuals working in small businesses by leveraging the available technologies to their advantage. The platform provides resources and information to help small businesses harness the power of technology effectively.

Small businesses have an economic advantage by being close to their customers, allowing them to understand changing tastes and adapt quickly to market dynamics. Being on the commercial front lines enables small businesses to respond rapidly to shifts in the business climate, making them agile and responsive to customer needs.

Technology offers unprecedented opportunities for small businesses to enhance their operations. For example, food trucks can leverage mobile payments, automate marketing lists, and provide real-time updates on social media. Brick-and-mortar businesses can streamline appointment scheduling through online platforms and utilize text message reminders. Even specialty wholesalers with a small team can leverage live chat and remarketing techniques to provide a superior customer experience and compete effectively.

Absolutely. With web meeting technology, businesses can interact with clients effectively regardless of their location. Whether they are 20 miles away or thousands of miles apart, virtual meetings enable seamless communication and collaboration, reducing the need for extensive travel.