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Web Effectiveness Checklist

Is your website working hard enough for you?  Here are are some things to look out for


Web Effectiveness Checklist Worksheet.pdf

What to do next? The Business Heroes “Urgent v Important” Workbook

Here is a tool that works for almost everything you need to get done. .  Anyone can learn to use it in a few minutes.  It will help you with a mindset to guide anything that needs to be done personally or professionally.


Tips and Tricks


Every business requires activity. Activity to get work and activity to complete work and get paid.  One way to get more activity is with more ...

Security – Password Protection

Security – Password Protection

Since most online services require you to use your email address for your login, your email becomes a single point of failure for all your ...

Online Sales Process

Online Sales Process – Whether you realize it or not, other companies have used their “sales funnel” on you when you bought or considered buying ...


One approach to networking that works well for some people includes these steps Know what kind of connections you are looking for Customer, partner, vendor, ...

Website – ‘Not Secure’

This ‘not secure’ message can scare people away from your website. It is very unfortunate because it may not be true. The good news is ...