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GMB Kickstart

Google My Business is a free tool business owners can use to present accurate and important information to visitors who search for your business on Google.

Google generates a listing for your business and shows it to people when they search for you online. This happens with or without your input. Getting control of this listing through Google My Business, enhancing the information and keeping it up to date is crucial to bringing clients in.

New customers often search for what they need online and usually through Google. This is a great opportunity to not only get found by these potential customers, but to get them up-to-date information on your business



Call to discuss your business; start the process to get access to Google My Business and your business listing


Set up your listing with new and accurate information; share recent news and any applicable photos and testimonials


Review progress (analytics?); give you control of your listing and show you how to make updates.


Everyone says you need more web traffic. How do you do that and how do you know it is the right kind of traffic?

Lots of people say they can do SEO for you. Not sure how to do things that matter

wHAT iS iT

Our proven strategy implemented by web professionals wil quickly get your information in the form that Google can easily work with.
Our content management service will either handle it all for you or train someone on your team to take care of it.