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Customer Satisfaction Survey/Reviews

This is a sequence of follow up steps to contact your existing customers about taking a survey or leaving a review. Depending on your business, this process can be as automated as you need.

In addition to getting feedback from customers in order to improve your business, you can use the positive reviews to help new customers decide to work with you. Additionally, Google reviews are really important these days and go a long way to boosting your credibility on the web.

Customers utilize surveys to make sure they are heard and to get any problems resolved. It’s comforting to know businesses want to hear what they have to say. Also, reviews are vital for potential new customers to hear from other “regular people” what your business is like



Get on a call with us. We’ll get some info from you about the measurable things that are important to your business


We’ll take the key information you want to know and build a dashboard which gives you some of that info


We’ll review the dashboard together and give you access


Getting more traffic to your website is hard

Need ‘social proof’ so people will Know, Like & Trust. People are much more likely to buy if they KL&T

Google Reviews are the gold standard of trust on the internet

wHAT iS iT

One place to go to get the information that matters.  Including automation to keep the data updated wherever possible

Visual presentation to make it easy to understand at a glance

Links to ‘drill down’ to details if you have a question