Automation Tip & Technique Every business requires activity. Activity to get work and activity to complete work and get paid.  One way to get more activity is with more hours. You can also increase activity with more people. Another option is with automation.  Attract leads Nurture leads Deliver content Collect receivables Customer service Get reviews … Read more

Security – Password Protection

Security – Password Protection

Security – Password Protection Tips & Technique Since most online services require you to use your email address for your login, your email becomes a single point of failure for all your accounts. Shore up your email address with a strong, hard-to-guess password and use 2-Factor Authentication if your email provider supports it. More Tips … Read more

Online Sales Process

Online Sales Process Tip & Technique Online Sales Process – Whether you realize it or not, other companies have used their “sales funnel” on you when you bought or considered buying something. You can create your own seller’s process to help your leads become your customers. More Tips & Techniques

Magic words that will make customers love you

Magic words that will make customers love you Make Selling Easier|Tech for Business My first book has tips for making your business more successful. This is Tip #11 about the value of saying ‘Thank You’ to your customers. – Don Bishop Running a small business is hard. There are so many things to do and … Read more


Networking Tips & Technique One approach to networking that works well for some people includes these steps Know what kind of connections you are looking for Customer, partner, vendor, investor, employee Go where the right people are likely to congregate Make connections that have potential. More is better First impressions may not be accurate Cast … Read more

Domain Name Scams

Domain Name Scams Tips & Technique Your domain name is something you can own on the internet. This is a real benefit. It is one asset you need to protect. Domain names can be stolen. Some names are valuable to others and should be protected. Another kind of risk is to over change you to … Read more