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Having trouble keeping up with everything that needs to get done?

Get accountability for the dedication and hard work you are putting into your business with regular check ups

Business Heroes' Manage Yourself First Framework

Stay focused on your goals and milestones. Your Accountability Coach will keep you on track

Stay on your path to success

Holding yourself accountable is harder than it seems. You don’t have to do it alone

Designed to achieve a specific goal or change in behavior

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of your own way. Regular check ups give an independent perspective so you can get the work done

Motivation and Positivity all in one

Navigate the bumps and hiccups along the road with someone you can vent to. An unbiased viewpoint gets you out of your own head and keeps you on the path to achieve your goals. You’ll have someone to bring you back on track when you get lost. You have someone that always has your back when things get rough

Increase your probability of accomplishing a goal, task or activity

Your weekly accountability check up will increase your success increase

How It Works

One on one virtual meetings or calls twice a month

Email support any time

Group interaction and support with other Business Heroes (optional)

Online Community

Special access and discounts for ‘Done For You’ services

The fine print: You are committing to the first 3 months. After that you can cancel at any time and not incur any additional monthly expenses.

Your Accountability Coach

Alex Bishop will help to keep you on track

Alex has over over 5 years experience at Affinigent working with clients. His areas of focus have included Automated Marketing, Social Media, Content Writing and Networking.

Alex is the founder and coordinator of the ‘Grow My Business’ Meetup.