Which do you think I love more: Automation or my wife?

I love anything that makes my life easier. Also, I am not nuts. I love my wife AND I love automation. In that order.
My wife makes my life easier in many ways and she is clearly beyond definition. I can define automation like this:
automatic working of a …, process, or system by devices that take the place of humans.
Lots of perfectly functioning business systems exist without any automation.
On the other hand, automation is hugely effective in making many businesses work much, much better. This automation can simply be some kind of workflow that keeps track of what people need to do next in a system. This is typically a task assigned to a person.
The automation can also actually do things like send an email, leave a voicemail, send a text or remind a customer that their credit card is about to expire.
Powerful automation systems can even interact with other systems. This could look like creating an accounting report, shipping chocolates as a gift to a new customer or ordering necessary supplies when a new sale is made. All things that can happen in an automated system based on something that happens in the real world.
I often use Infusionsoft to automate workflows and manage various systems. Infusionsoft has a great ebook on 25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

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