What you missed at our Business Heroes September 2017 Event

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We talked about the general framework of Lifecycle Marketing and where Landing Pages fit into the overall framework. Landing Pages are a tactic in marketing to move a ‘viewer’ or ‘consumer’ of content from being anonymous to us to being a prospect that we can actively contact. The goal of that contact is usually to move forward in our relationship with the prospect.
We all did a great little worksheet to assemble the content that can go into a Landing Page and figure out to organize it for results.
There was some great dialog during the event. Scott Lyman from Dream Vacations won our first prize of the day for his participation. It was a book by fellow Business Heroes member Jon Toy called “Geared For Growth: A Parable About Transforming Your Business Into a Success and Profits Machine”.
After the meeting Scott Lyman was really generous with this comments about the event: Hello Don, “Thank You for this! I want to say just how much I learned at first I wasn’t going to come because I saw the liquor and I said I am not going to a liquor store and then I went through the parking lot I realize where you are. Anyway I am glad I came I learned a lot and look forward to next month’s program and thank you for this book that you gave me. I would like sit down and talk to you in October…”
During our question and answer time, Jean Abrecht helped bring me back to Earth with her fundamental question, ‘So what really is a Landing Page?’ That question led to a really valuable explanation that others later told me was quite helpful. Thanks Jean.
Our main topic next month will be Facebook Advertising. Click for the Business Heroes York event details.
Everyone knows about Facebook but not everyone realizes the incredible tools they provide and the reasons other people, including small business owners, paid them over $9 Billion (yes that is a ‘B’) for advertising last quarter. Yes, $9 Billion in just a quarter, not a year.
Come learn about this incredible tool.

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