Small Business Success Meetup in York, PA

Is there is an entrepreneurial spirit in you? It might be a burning desire to do it ‘on your own’. For some people it is more of a ‘screw the 9 to 5’ kind of motivation. No matter how you got here, this is the place to get advice and camaraderie around the big idea of building your small business, and using automation technology to make it happen faster.

Small business is tough. There are hurdles everywhere you look. Failure IS an option for many small businesses, even if you have an amazing idea and great skills. There are lots of ways to fail.
Consider the plight of my friend Joe. He had a nice consulting business going that supported him and his family for a number of years. He was successful. One blind spot did Joe in. He really did not do any marketing and focused on keeping one large client happy. Joe’s client base was not at all diversified, he did not really know how to market his business and when there was a big change at his one big client, his business evaporated very quickly.

While there are hurdles, there are also more opportunities for success than ever in the history of business.

There is more knowledge and advice about how to build a successful business than ever before. There is more technology that removes barriers such as geography. There is also small business automation that can amplify the efforts of one (or a few) business owner to do more than ever before. This is why our Meetup Group exists. We share knowledge. We share techniques and we provide a community that is nurturing and will help you grow.
Here is what has changed with this new version of the group.
  • Our focus on small business may not be helpful to marketing people in larger companies. There is lots of interest in how they can use social media. While some of the concepts are similar…small business is just different.
  • Our small business marketing focus means that we need to be be able to get better results with less efforts…and we need to get them fast.
  • It’s not just marketing either. Hiring can be a huge issue for small business and automated tools can be a huge help.
  • In fact, every aspect of a small business needs to be extremely efficient. We focus on tools that make reporting, collaboration, scheduling and even Ecommerce more effective.
Here is what has changed with this new version of the group.
  • Direct response techniques to magnify your marketing
  • Following up with leads including autoresponders and long term nurture
  • Getting the most our of your website
  • Remarketing (retargeting) ads to bring in your best leads
  • Dashboards to monitor what is going on with your business and your marketing
If I am describing you in any way, you should sign up for the Meetup. By signing up you will bet meeting notifications. Then you can RVSP for each individual event as they occur. You are not obligated to do anything other than stay in touch with the group. But not doing anything is a real mistake. If you want to move forward with your business or your business idea, you should really attend a meeting to see what it is all about.

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