Here is how you can find the perfect additional Income Stream to take you business to the next level

Now you can find the right Income Stream just for you.

The Navigator Navigator program is a unique blending of online learning with one-on-one coaching. You control how fast or how slow you move through the program. Part 1 is where we explore your needs, wants, skills and resources. Then in Part 2 we identify how you can best get started with an Income Stream that suits you.
The result is an Action Plan for you to get moving.

And what happens if you don’t do something soon?

The business world is changing rapidly. There is pressure on every business to adapt quickly.  Employees have different priorities.  Supply chains are shifting. Customers just want more.  And everyone is talking about AI. The landscape for business is changing rapidly

If you don’t have a plan to adapt and grow you could be left behind.

And who knows what changes the world will throw at you?

  • Difficulty hiring
  • Work from home issues
  • Pressure on margins
  • Technology Issues including AI
  • Unexpected Competitive pressures

The big questions I hear are …

”How can I find an Income Stream that will give me the money, lifestyle and opportunities I want?”

“Don’t I need piles of money to start something?”

“I’m busy enough!  How do I find the time for a new income stream?”

Many clients come to me worried and confused about how to get started. How to find that one thing that they can actually be successful at without investing tremendous amounts of time and money.

People I talk to have all kinds of questions...

Questions about money...

You don't need piles of money. You just need common sense.

Questions about time...

You need to be able to organize your time and work effectively. You can often have great flexibility about when and how much you work.

Questions about their qualifications...

You don't need anything other than to look at your world from a different point of view. Then you just need to be able to work smart.

I’ve been helping business owners develop new income streams for well over a decade.

In 2016 I started hosting Meetup groups to help all kinds of people with marketing, business automation, networking and motiation to improve their business lives.

The more I helped individuals navigate the process the more I realized that there were lots of people that needed my help.

That is why I developed the Income Stream Navigator program. It is built on my personal experience over many decades of starting businesses, buying businesses, selling businesses and helping other people at the same time.

It took me more than 6 attempts over 8 years to develop a program where I can provide CUSTOM SOLUTIONS to people who sincerely want to find an additional income stream that will work for them.

But I have finally perfected my Income Stream Navigator and want to share my 40+ years of expertise with you.



The Navigator program guides you through the online journey.  The first part is designed to discover where you are and what skills, resources and interests you have.  The second part begins to explore what kinds of income streams make sense for you and then ultimately identifies a path forward with the best income stream to get you started.  You control how fast or how slow you move through the program.  Along the way there are one-on-one coaching sessions.

Here is what you are going to get with the
Income Stream Navigator program.

Part 1 - Where are you now?

Online training and personal assessments help you and I figure out where you are and where you want to be. Online Training including business mindset, getting stuff done and producing business results that matter.

One-On-One Coaching online

The best part of the program is the 3 one-on-one coaching sessions that we will have. All coaching is personal with you and Don Bishop. You will get the benefit of 40 years of technology savvy, business savvy and a very practical approach.

Part 2 - Your plan to move forward

Together we work on identifying the kinds of Income Streams that make sense for you and then find the one that we believe will work. You will have a written plan to move forward and the support to make it happen.

There's MORE to make you successful


Plan details

If you are ready to diversify your revenue and move toward financial independence, then click the button below to get immediate access to the Income Stream Navigator today.


People are saying...


“Thank you Don. You teach me stuff and you always make me feel good about myself.”



“You did it again! It was great seeing you yesterday and learning more from you (as always).”



“I’m here because I like Don. He’s kind of a sleeper. You have to pay attention and when you do, you realize he gives you a lot.”


Benefits of the Income Stream Navigator

Today, you can begin the work to IDENTIFY YOUR FIRST NEW INCOME STREAM and get started on your action plan to become successful.
You can wait and continue to be dependent on a job or boss you cannot control.

But there is a cost of inaction:

Income Stream Navigator

Or 4 payments of $189

This program includes online modules and one-on-one coaching. We will identify a side hustle that fits you. The end result is an action plan and resources to get you moving forward.



We are confident that our combination of self paced online content, assessments and one-on-one coaching provides significant benefits to everyone we work with. If, however, you find that you did not get value for your investment, we will refund your purchase price provided that you have participated in the online and one-on-one opportunities.

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