Is your marketing focused on the right results?

Lots of people talk about marketing in ways that just don’t make any sense to me. People who start new businesses often spend lots of effort on a logo and business cards. These are both valuable tools and they may help you get business but they do not actually get you any business. Marketing efforts need to focus on getting business.
Marketing should make selling easier. There is really no other reason for it. Most of the marketing our company does is really some variant of direct marketing that aims to engage prospects and move them on the journey to becoming a customer. Sometimes our marketing can actually do the the entire selling job and sometimes our marketing is integrated with personal selling to make salespeople more effective. Both approaches can be extremely successful.
One way to think about marketing is to organize around the idea of the.customer life cycle. The customer lifecycle we focus is organized around 3 main phases — Attract, Sell and Wow.
One critical idea around the lifecycle marketing concept is that it is too easy to focus on getting new customers as the way to grow a business. Leads and new customers easily become the ‘shiny object’ that gets all the attention. The alternative is to maximize the total return from each new customer. That means we need to attract them, sell the and then also turn them into repeat customers who are raving fans with influence to bring in more new customers.
There is lots more to the lifecycle marketing approach. Our …

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