Great. Step One Accomplished

Here is what needs to happen next.

FIRST: Confirm your email

We are sending a confirmation email to you at <>.

Please find that email and click to confirm that we have the right email address and that it is you.


SECOND: Get started with some of the homework that will make the mini webinar much more valuable to you.

This brief self assessment is really valuable. You can start to fill it out now while you are thinking about it. Don’t worry though, if you don’t finish it now we will remind you later.

Self Assessment Worksheet

We will record your responses and send you a document that you can refer back to any time. You will also be able to edit this later.


Self Assessment Worksheet

Question: What are you passionate about?

Question: What are you really good at?

Question: What experiences in your life do you think is the most valuable to your in business.

Question: Imaging you are staring some kind of new business activity.

Question: What aspects of your life worry you today?

Question: What do you think you ought to do to generate additional income?