Adding a new Income Stream will make you stronger and more independent

I will show you how to create additional income in a way that fits you and your needs.

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This Webinar is for you if:

  • You have a job and want to some extra income
  • You have a job and want to get started on a business that can become full time
  • You have a business and want to diversify your income

We will discuss

  • Active vs passive income streams
  • How to pick the right income stream for you
  • How to get started on the right foot
  • Techniques to ensure success

Here is what you get:

  • Insights into the vast opportunities for income ventures
  • A framework for identifying the best opportunities for you
  • Ideas about how to use this information
  • A template for securing your personal finances and independence
  • Access to our online community and other resources

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Fantastic! Content was excellent and well presented

Insightful. I’ve learned so much from Don

Couldn’t be better. Crystal clear

I can’t wait to implement what I learned

Presented by Don Bishop from Business Heroes

Don Bishop is President and Co-founder of Affinigent. He has had a long and varied career. He has started businesses. He has sold businesses. He has bought existing businesses. He has invested in other peoples’ businesses. He has liquidated businesses.

Today, he is focused on helping other people start and excel in small business. His motto is to help business owners “work smarter, not harder”.  Typical coaching engagements include customized strategies, encouragement and smart use of technology.

Don unlocks the mysteries of business and technology in ways that will make it  easy for you!

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  • Worksheets and other resources