Multiple income streams helped my business thrive for 23 years.

I've created a program that will make your business more financially stable and future proof

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Who is this Don Bishop guy?

I come from a family of teachers and ministers but I took a different path when I started my own business. Eventually I discovered what I did was not that different from other family members. I love helping other people grow their business.

I’ve started multiple businesses. I have bought and sold businesses. I’ve done it as an advisor, a coach, a vendor, a partner and an investor.

I really enjoy building my own business and building relationships with people I can help. I like figuring out how to building things with the resources I already have. I also love learning new skills when it makes sense. Perhaps the most valuable skill I have learned is getting other people to do their best work on my projects.

I want to share what I have learned with you for 2 reasons. First of all is that it give me great satisfaction. I get rewards aplenty.
Second is that I am on a mission to promote economic freedom and economic independence. I believe that small business ventures of all kinds are key to a safer, more free and more prosperous world.

So come in and sample the Business Heroes Network I am creating. This ‘Income Stream Kickstart’ is a great beginning.

Then I can share more lessons
What I learned from becoming a private pilot.

What I learned from 24 years as a local elected official responsible for public safety, public works and lots more in a community of 26,000 people. What I learned from starting and then selling a PC rental business. What I learned from helping lots of small business owners with marketing and marketing automation

Don Bishop

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