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This program is a combination of online work and live one-one-one coaching.
The learning and the coaching is self paced. You schedule it to fit into your schedule, not ours.


  • Introduction
    • Intro Video
      • Our Philosophy of the value of adding one or more income streams. The benefits of multiple income streams include
        • Financial Independence
        • Experiencing new options in marketing and business
        • Your personal growth and confidence
    • Using this program and making it work for you
      • How the self paced online aspects of the program work
      • Getting the most out of one-on-one coaching
      • Using this program as a Launch Pad for your future

  • Part 1: Discovering your Needs, Wants and Goals
    • Be realistic but don’t give up your dreams
      Starting something new is hard. Finding the right ‘something new’ for you will make is one of the first step to success
    • Documenting your Work History is our first step
      We have a unique tool to help you understand what you have accomplished so far in your life and how you can discover a more fulfilling approach to ‘work’
    • Your Personal Story
      ‘Stories’ are unique to humans. Understanding the power of stories and how to use them is a valuable superpower.
      • We will identify the most valuable aspects of your personal story
      • Help you organize your story to help you ‘get to the next level’
    • Understanding your current situation
      Moving forward can only happen when you understand realistically where you are now.
      • Our online tool Personal SWOT tool will help you and your coach plot the path to change
        SWOT identified your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
    • Knowing what you need
      You can only get what you want once you are sure you have what you need
      • Needs and wants list
    • Resource analysis (time, personal commitment, money, guts)
      We all have limited resources. A successful ‘next step’ will result from smart application of the resources available to you.
    • Goals
      Goal setting is widely misunderstood. Just setting a goal does not guarantee success. On the other hand, significant achievement is much more likely if you know what you want
    • Schedule your one-one on coaching session
      At the completion of the exercised in Part 1 you will schedule your one-on-one coaching session to review everything you have done so far.

  • Part 2: Creating Your Roadmap
    • Start with your wants
      • Defining 3 things - “What would you like to do?”
      • What do you really need? What do you want? What can you actually do?

    • Schedule second one-on-one coaching session
    • Deciding on a plan
      There is rarely a completely straight line from where you are today to where you want to be. Most realistic plans have multiple steps. A plan of individual steps that you can understand and achieve is much more likely to result in success
    • Clearing the Decks for Success
      Just having a plan is not enough. You need to be ready in every way to implement your plan
      • Mindset
      • Training
      • Resources

    • Begin with the end in mind
    • Schedule your one-one on coaching session

Deliverables will include your customized Roadmap and Action Plan to get started with your first new income stream

You get:

Your Investment

The program is entirely self paced.  You will access the online program whenever you want.    At the end of major sections of the program you will use the online calendar to schedule your one-on-one coaching sessions.

Your investment in the program is a one time payment of $699.00 
Or 4 monthly payments of $189.00


We are confident that our combination of self paced online content, assessments and one-on-one coaching provide significant benefits to everyone we work with. If, however, you find that you did not get value for your investment, we will refund your purchase price provided that you have participated in the online and one-on-one opportunities.

So Let’s get started.
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