Over 6 million people will apply for a new business in 2023, will you be one of them?

The Income Stream Kickstart Kit

3 Tools To Help You Choose the Best Income Stream for YOU and Take Action This Year!

Income Stream Kickstart Kit

Do These Problems Sound Familiar?

The Income Stream Kickstart Kit is Your Solution

Would you like help figuring out what to do about all of these problems? If so, then the Income Stream Kickstart Kit is perfect for you. Within minutes, this kit will open your eyes to income streams that fit you that you didn’t know existed.

This powerful collection of 3 tools will help you move forward. You’ll get all the details you need to start your journey to financial stability.  

After you experience these resources you will have the confidence to imagine a future with a new income stream. And it will be a path to achieve the financial stability you deserve.

What's included in the Income Stream Kickstart Kit?

The FREE Income Stream Kickstart Kit is designed to open your eyes to what’s possible, to and connect you with like-minded people.

1. First is Don Bishop’s Basic Income Stream Strategies ebook. It will help you with identifying both short-term strategies and longer-term strategies that will work for you. 

2. The Business Heroes Income Stream Prep Workbook.  This will help clearly evaluate your current situation in a very realistic way. This is central to matching your needs to the right income stream strategy for you.   

3. Finally, you will be welcomed into the Business Heroes Income Stream Community where you will meet and share with others who face the same challenges and have overcome them.


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Meet Don Bishop...

Meet Don Bishop, the visionary and guiding light behind Business Heroes. With a legacy of successful businesses and a heart that beats for the growth of fellow entrepreneurs, Don is the epitome of a true business hero.

Born into a lineage of teachers and ministers, Don diverged from the typical path, yet never strayed from the essence of imparting wisdom. At the core of his journey is a fervent passion for aiding businesses in discovering their true potential, nurturing them, and guiding them towards an ever-expanding horizon.

His tryst with the entrepreneurial world began back in 1973 with Intuition, Inc. Since then, he has successfully helmed ventures like Lilco Productions, Don Bishop Communications, ImageWorks Computer Graphics Corporation, Beacon Resources, Inc., and notably, Affinigent, an acclaimed internet solutions company. Throughout these endeavors, he has carved a niche in using technology as a beacon for business improvement, becoming the trusted mentor for those daunted by the fast-evolving digital landscape.

Underlying his corporate achievements is Don’s knack for developing multiple income streams. From enduring the tempests of the Dot.com bubble, technological evolutions, the great recession, to personal trials, his strategic diversifications have been his ship’s anchor. And today, through Business Heroes, he offers you a map to create your own.

Don’s journey into coaching began subtly. Long before the term ‘coaching’ became a trend, he was already the mentor many small business owners turned to. By 2019, coaching wasn’t just another feather in his cap; it was a full-fledged crown, seamlessly evolving from his years of advisory and expertise.

An author of “Leads, Prospects, Customers, and Fans: 16 Tips for Creating a Steady Flow of New (and Repeat) Customers”, Don holds a B.S. in Political Science from The American University, Washington D.C. Beyond the boardroom, he has contributed as an elected township supervisor for over two decades, further solidifying his understanding of public relationships and community dynamics.

Don’s mission? To champion economic freedom and independence. He firmly believes that the backbone of a prosperous world is built on the successes of small businesses.

Join the Business Heroes Network and embark on a transformative journey. From the valuable lessons Don garnered as a private pilot, an elected official, a business owner, to a mentor – every nugget of wisdom is a stepping stone for you. Dive into the Income Stream Kickstart Kit and let Don’s experience be the wind beneath your entrepreneurial wing.

What is a "business hero"?

A business hero is someone who bravely takes the leap to start their own venture. They possess the courage to make a mark, driven by a belief in the power of entrepreneurship. It’s not just about profit; it’s about financial literacy and understanding its importance in fostering freedom and a thriving democracy. Many of our founding fathers were small business owners, showcasing the deep roots of this entrepreneurial spirit in our nation’s history. Business heroes recognize that small businesses form the backbone of the U.S. economy, providing jobs and stability for countless individuals. In essence, a business hero thinks from a “Business Venture Point of View,” emphasizing innovation, responsibility, and the larger role of businesses in society. They are champions of change, contributors to the community, and embodiments of the American dream.