Secure your future

A new Income Stream that fits your needs is a great start

Avoid the headaches, heartaches and empty bank accounts from taking the wrong approach

Is there a perfect Income Stream for your situation?

How do some people manage multiple income streams and make it look easy?

Discover the secrets to creating income and still having a life

Do smart people make more money?

I have created a video explaining many of the basic concepts I use when helping people get started with a new income stream. 

These concepts work for most people like you:

I help business owners use technology and simple strategies to be more successful.  Over the years I has started businesses, bought businesses, sold businesses, invested in other people’s business and shut down a business or two.  I  credit my successes to good listening skills, approaching roadblocks from a unique perspective and taking action to get fast results.

I am the sole owner of Affinigent, Inc and operate primarily under the Business Heroes brand.

Don Bishop

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