I Help Enterprise Minded People Identify And Implement A Valuable Income Stream

This program will open your eyes to options you may have never thought about

Prepare for your future

Personal Freedom

Make your own decisions, get advice, not directives

Financial independence

Get control over your income

Flexibility (schedule, location & relationships )

When you work, where you work, who you work with

Opportunities to grow and thrive

Every Income stream opens a door to a more successful future

I focus this program on ‘Income Streams’ because it is a great way to think about steps you can take toward accelerating your career trajectory.

Some people talk about Side Hustles. If that is what you want this can get you there. Be aware that you might get more than that too.

This could be your way to start or grow a business. By starting with the concept of ‘Income Streams’ we avoid some of the complexities and overwhelm of ‘starting a business’. Your first (or second and third) income streams give you a great foundation for the future if that makes sense for you.

Step 1

What Income Stream Makes Sense for You?

First is to understand yourself. Your skills, your knowledge, your interests, passions, needs and goals. We will assess your current situation and your ability/desire to change and grow as part of this process.

This is all accomplished against the background of what is realistic and attractive to you.

Step 2

Develop the plan for your first income stream We put all the pieces together to identify an initial income stream


Getting Started

Step 1 only

Get started right away with step 1. Upon completion you decide if you want to move forward with Step 2.

Let’s get moving. You can choose between one payment of $129 or 2 monthly payments of $70

Step 1 and 2

Get started right away so we can seamlessly integrate Step 1 with Step 2 to get you moving.

Choose between one payment of $699 or 4 payments of $189 per month.

Hi, Don Bishop here.

I am really looking forward to working with you. This program is unique. I’m not the kind of coach who is recruiting an army of coaches to my team. You will be working with me directly.

Together, we will map our a plan that is totally unique to you.

I look forward to our first meeting together. My personal goal is not to help hundred or thousands of people. I’m focussed on working with the one next person who seeks out my help. I hope it will be you.

Best Regards,

Don Bishop