You Have So Many Tasks To Get Your Business Going

Let’s get you started with a few basics so you don’t have to worry about them anymore

Is your business right for you?

Not everyone can run every business. It is not just about money

Make sure customers understand why to buy from you

Communicating your value is crucial

Get the right domain name

Your domain name defines so much on the internet. Get this right.

Getting found on the internet

Make it easy for customers to find you

Know your story and tell it well

People do business with other people they Know, Like & Trust.

Visualize your numbers to stay on track

Don’t get caught up in the daily rush and take your eyes off the destination

I have been running my own business and sharing my expertise for 3 decades. Here is one tip I love to share…

The idea for this worksheet came from one of our ‘Business Heroes’ networking sessions. We get together and discuss how to use technology to make business easier. This worksheet was created to answer a real questions that came up in a live session

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First Things First Worksheet