Business Heroes event April 18, 2018 about ‘Leads for your Business’

At the April 18th “Business Heroes” event in York PA we will be talking about ‘Leads for your Business’.
Specifically: ‘How to get more leads that turn into customers’. That is an important distinction. You cannot be successful with leads that do not turn into customers.
Business people take action. Action without strategy can be wasted effort. When we talk about leads this week, I will urge everyone to take a step back to do some analysis first. Then action.
I will share my “5 Things Your Need to Know Before You Start Looking for Leads”. We will be talking about the 5 things and go through a worksheet to identify answers for your business.
While I was putting together my presentation, and just for fun, I also prepared a list of THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT DO before you are clear on the 5 Things You Need to Know. These are things that my clients have done in failed attempts to get more leads and more sales.
Before you have thought it through, don’t
  • Update/redesign your website
  • Buy advertising
  • Get your 13 year old to help with social media
  • Hire a telemarketer
  • Buy, rent or steal a mailing list
None of these techniques are bad. They are only bad when used in the wrong way at the wrong time. We can fix that.
Join me for Business Heroes on Wednesday the 18th at 3:30 PM. I will show you some great ways to get leads. I have handouts about lots of different techniques and how to use them the right way.
Wednesday April 18th, 3:30 PM at Affinigent in York Details and free registration at
If you cannot attend but would like to get the handouts from this event, get your free BT4SB membership at
Don Bishop
[email protected]
P.S. Be sure to mark you calendar for our event next month on May 16th. In addition to our regular session from 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM, watch for announcements about “Don’s Birthday Bash” starting at 5:00 PM that day.

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