Get the advice and support you need when you need it

Custom advice from someone who understands you, your goals and your business

Generic advice is everywhere. Not Here! You will get the custom advice you need to take action and move to the next level

Get support and advice that is specific to you and your situation

It is easy to find advice and information.  Getting relevant input about the right strategies and tactics is much more valuable

Take advantage of tools and techniques that make sense for you

The hottest new idea may not be the most appropriate. It is way too easy to get distracted.

Make sure your hard work results in a business that is solid, sustainable and future proof

Selling and growing fast can be fun and profitable.  Be sure to keep an eye out for your future

Make your uniqueness into your biggest strength

Following the crowd is OK as long as you do it your way

Taking massive action will help you achieve your goals

Be certain to measure results and fix mistakes fast

Invest your time doing what is important to your business, not what seems urgent.

Working smarter, not harder helps you focus on meaningful results

What is Keeping Your Business From Fulfilling your Wants and Needs?

I will help you recognize clearly how your current situation can lead you to the business and the life you deserve.

I help business owners get from where they are now to the next level. I have been helping small business owners like this for decades and I can help you right now.

Your situation is unique. I want your business to provide you with the time, money and lifestyle that you deserve. With all of the changes in how we live and work these days there are new options available to us all. You are unique I have found that personal interaction is the best way for me to help.

To make sure we are both on the same page, I am offering a free coaching session. I have limited time for these free sessions. Click the link for the details and to schedule our time together.

How This One on One Coaching Works

One on one virtual meetings or calls with Don Bishop.  You decide on one or two calls per month.

911 calls you schedule if needed

Email support any time

Group interaction and support with other Business Heroes (optional)

Online Community

Online resources from our community including videos, worksheets, webinars, etc.

Special access and discounts for ‘Done For You’ services

The fine print: You are committing to the first 3 months. After that you can cancel at any time and not incur any additional monthly expenses.

About Don Bishop

I’m not a life coach
Although I have lived a pretty full life

I’m not a marketing guru
Although I have been helping companies with their marketing since before PC’s were a big deal

I don’t consider myself a writer
Although I write marketing copy for myself and others every day

I’m not a social media expert
Although I help multiple companies manage their social media presence

I’m not a salesman
Although I have sold enough to make payroll for my teams for more than 3 decades

I have started businesses
I have bought businesses
I have sold businesses
I have liquidated businesses
I have shut businesses down

I’ve written a book
And helped other people write and promote theirs