5 reasons you should come to Business Heroes and learn about Facebook advertising

Hi, this is Don Bishop with 5 reasons you should come to our next business heroes event on October 25th 2017 at Affinigent to learn about Facebook advertising:
1. Facebook advertising is huge. FB generated 9.16 Billion in ad revenue in the 2nd quarter of 2017. That is really huge.

2. It is targeted. Facebook knows a great deal about its audience and they let you use that knowledge to present your message to the right people

3. You can attract your piece of the pie. No need to advertise to lots of people who don’t want what you have

4. It is flexible in timing and budget. Promote when you want and the amount you want

5. It works because you can make sure it work. Test one thing. Whatever works, do more of. Whatever does not work, do less of Repeat as necessary.

Mark October 25th on your calendar. As always, I’ll be talking about where Facebook advertising fits into our overall philosophy of lifecycle marketing.

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